2020 - 2021 Best Cryptocurrency News Investment Guide

The intersection of reality and fiction, WEMADE METAVER takes you to a glimpse of the metaverse world
Imagine getting that luxury car youve always wanted on your wish list, or being able to interact with your friends from all over the world for real. WEMADE METAVERSE is a new continent existing in the digital age metaverse, a microcosm of t...
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Metasea officially launched, the world's first multi-chain aggregated NFT digital trading platform was born
On December 25, while the world was celebrating the Christmas season, Metaseas official Twitter feed announced a new journey, with the worlds first multi-chain aggregated NFT digital trading platform coming to life. According to the introduc...
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The irresistible magic behind Speed Racer, led by Canada's MetaSea Foundation
According to Speed Racer news, Speed Racer has received a total of $50 million in financing led by Canadas MetaSea Foundation and followed by many international investment institutions. The game has basically completed development and will c...
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The most promising masterpiece of 2021 - PVZ chain game sharing
The development of gamefi is reflected in the emergence of all kinds of chain games with complete, free and independent economic systems. Among them, the most famous is axie infinity, whose one-day income has already exceeded the kings glory...
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Armonia Exchange, announces its official public beta
According to the official news, Armonia Exchange will be officially launched at 09:59 am GMT. As soon as the news came out, all the major platforms were moved by the wind. Armonia Exchange, with harmony, balance, persistence and cooperation...
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The grand debut of Twit Farms — the new and upgraded version of Farmers World is coming
Recently, the trend of global chain travel has declined sharply, and the governance tokens of platforms such as waxp and spacecraft once fell below 100%. If you look at the situation of chain travel, you will also find some clues. The lack...
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Markets News
FES Ecology surpasses expectations and users continue to spike! On the first day of the launch of the Five Elements Bingo game, the number of global user registrations exceeded 10,000, and the total deposit exceeded 10 million FEC
FES CMO Marcus: The collaboration of metaverse and NFT creates a dynamic and innovative space
2021 Global Digital Economy Summit Forum will be held on December 30, 2021
El Salvador to Issue $1 Billion in BTC Bonds and Use $500 Million of It to Buy More BTC
U.S. Congressmen Ask House Speaker to Revise Encryption Provisions in Infrastructure Law
IFINEX, parent company of Bitfinex, announces partnership with El Salvador to create regulatory framework for digital assets and securities
Infrastructure bill set for a vote by Sept. 27 with no changes to crypto tax provisions
Celsius becomes first CeFi or DeFi platform to cross $20B AUM
MicroStrategy splashes $177M on Bitcoin, now holds almost 109,000 BTC
FTX’s Bankman-Fried remains cautious about nascent NFT space